Friday, July 3, 2009

Friday errands

Every Friday I have a routine for the errands I run. Today was slightly different because I waited for Dennis, above, to get a ride to the airport. He'll be in France for the week. More time for playing with clay for me!

The I go to the local branch of our library. I actually go 2-4 times a week, since I love to read, and love libraries.

I head toward my next destination. I've waited to turn left at this traffic light hundreds of times.
One more left so I can go into the shopping center.
A stop at Barnes & Noble to check if any new magazines have come in...or beading books!
Sometimes I go to Panera's for a cup of coffee and a bagel.
Then my big stop, Whole Foods. I know some people call it whole paycheck...but I'm a vegetarian and the best selection in one place for foods I eat is WF. Plus, they get their bread delivered from Zingerman's, who makes the best bread. I pick up a loaf of challah and pumpernickel.

Aren't these flowers pretty?

One more left turn traffic light. This one is a long wait.

Ah, turning onto my road...almost home.
And here I am, back at home. I have just completed a big circle. Now to unload books and groceries.

And that's my Friday, every Friday. It's like an anchor at the end of the week. Hope your week has been a good one!

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Carol said...

I love this post. Not because we got a blow by blow of your Friday routine but because you gave us a photo journal of your regular route. I am a person that hasn't traveled much, so seeing the area where you live is soooo interesting to me. Probably for the same reason I collect postcards.

Hope you had a great holiday.