Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Beading for a Cure

Starting this week and for the next 2 months, auctions for Beading for a Cure will be on e-Bay (click on link, then on auctions, then on e-bay auctions for the week).  This will be the 4th year I've participated.  Each year a kit is made available to a number of participants, and from this same kit, we create beaded items.  All the items are then auctioned to raise money for Colorectal Cancer.  The idea began after the death of a bead forum member named Layne, who died of colorectal cancer.  Every penny raised goes to research because everyone on the board is a volunteer.  My piece is on auction this week and so far has one bid, please check it out and help raise money for this wonderful cause.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

on a roll....

Jason asked me to make a bracelet for a new girlfriend.  He had no idea what colors she likes, how large her wrist might be, whether she even wears bracelets...but after some discussion we chose some colorful pearls for a leather wrap, hoping it would go with a variety of clothes.  I haven't heard yet if he gave it to her, but I sure hope she likes it.  I was still making it when this picture was taken, you can see that it's attached to a clip board to work off of.

75th Birthday Bash

In December we all went out to Arizona to celebrate my mother's 75th birthday.  We had a week filled with activities - hiking, horseback riding, museum strolling, a surprise party with my mother's friends, and lots and lots of eating!  Above, the whole crew minus the photographer; below, me, Toby, Sharon, and my mother. Do the 3 of us  look like sisters?

more celebrations

There was a hint of Spring in the air for Sam's and my birthdays.  We celebrated our back-to-back birthdays first at Grizzly Peak Brewery for Sam's birthday and then at Common Grill for mine.  We were joined by some onlookers from the mural on the wall.  Sam (on the right) is now 26 and about to graduate from law school.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Kathie's going away party

Our beloved friend Kathie is moving to Miami with her husband in a few weeks.  We have been beading together for about 6 years and can't imagine our group without her, but that's what happens.  We gave her a going away party.  These delicious red velvet cupcakes were baked by Laura.  We also chose beads from our personal stash to give her, as well as 2 beading books, and a gift card to Jamba Juice, her favorite smoothie place.  Hopefully she will visit us for our annual bead retreat in October, or else we're all going to have to troop down to Florida!