Friday, March 18, 2011

Kathie's going away party

Our beloved friend Kathie is moving to Miami with her husband in a few weeks.  We have been beading together for about 6 years and can't imagine our group without her, but that's what happens.  We gave her a going away party.  These delicious red velvet cupcakes were baked by Laura.  We also chose beads from our personal stash to give her, as well as 2 beading books, and a gift card to Jamba Juice, her favorite smoothie place.  Hopefully she will visit us for our annual bead retreat in October, or else we're all going to have to troop down to Florida!


Carol said...

Wow! You have a nice group to bead with. Well, if nothing else, you will all have a place to go on vacation!!

wileybead said...

Safe Journey. God speed. Let's skype......So glad I got to see Kathy at Bead Bonanza and reconnect. Florida sounds like fun. Count me in if you go please?