Saturday, January 14, 2012

Snowflake Bead Challenge Part 2

 I made a second piece for the challenge.  The first piece I made, in the  previous post, was influenced by the winter weather of Michigan, using cool colors.  My second piece was influenced by the warm weather and colors of Arizona.  I unexpectedly spent some time there after my mother fell while hiking and broke her knee cap.  After surgery and a short stay in a skilled care facility, I went to help her transition to home.

This pendant is inspired by a class I took with my friend Barb Klann, based on using mixed metals and a beaded bail.  These colors are probably my favorite, lime green and turquoise.  I incorporated some of the beads in the challenge with additional Czech firepolish and some metal pieces.

A close up of the main section above.

 The beautiful porcelain bead hangs at the bottom of the pendant.

Secret Snowflake Participants
Please visit the blogs of all the jewelry designers who participated!

Snowflake Challenge Revealed

The time has come to share the results of the Snowflake Challenge hosted by Michelle Mach.  My project is a necklace.  I used two of the pendant pieces for the focal points.

The ceramic pieces are hung from a peyote triangle bail.

The strap is a 3 unit herringbone.  Since the colors are shiny, it was very hard to photograph.  What I want to show here is that there is an area of alternating colors in a block pattern, separated by a Czech firepolish beads.

And here is the clasp, a simple hook and eye, which I usually prefer for its simplicity and comfort against the neck.

Thank you, Michelle, for hosting this challenge.  I love the ceramic snowflakes (it's snowing out as I write this), and all the fringe beads, which I didn't really take advantage of using. Yet.  I look forward to seeing everyone else's creations on their blogs!