Friday, October 12, 2007

bead retreat '07

This past weekend I went on the 4th bead retreat with my beading group. One of the women has a cottage on Crooked Lake, near Petoskey, Michigan. As you can see, the view is lovely, and the beading lots of fun. We spread out all our stuff everywhere! We bead, we knit, we laugh, we eat, and have a great time. In the picture on the left is Kathie beaming in the red jacket and Wendy seriously into her work. The colorful dolls are "Dottee doll," which I found on another blog and fell in love with the idea. I made one for each of the women on the retreat. They were going to be my October journal page, until I reviewed the rules and realized I could not manage to either make them the same size or general shape as my mandalas. So, I'll just make them anyway and have more memories of the weekend.