Saturday, February 23, 2008

I have a headache

My February piece is called "I have a headache." This piece represents a headache, something I have all too often. I really wanted to see if I could visually express how a headache feels. On the left is the full piece. At the bottom of the circle is my right eye, and to the left are bugles, which represent daggers of pain. Going up, there is a band of throbbing on my forehead. The headache swirls around, going from one side of my head to the other. The black areas are the headache spreading upward, and the gray represents the dull feeling left over after a headache. This was a very hard piece to work on. It tired me out, and I had to force myself to pick up my needle and work on it. Nonetheless, I think I accomplished a great headache!

Healing Dolls

These dolls were made for a good friend by my Wed. beading group. We are missing a doll in this photo, hence the pins. Our friend has cancer and is being aggressively treated. She used to bead with us and we wanted to let her know how much we care for her. Some of the dolls are beaded on 2 sides. They are in a frame where they can easily be taken out and carried or held. They are about 1" tall without beads.

Personal jewels

These are my son's, Sam (L) and Jason (R). It's hard to get good photos of them, especially Jason, because he hates to "pose." So I'm happy with how these came out. Sam is soon to be 23 y.o., will graduate from college this year and head off to law school in the fall. Jason is a sophomore in college and loving every minute of it!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I recently made several prayer bags for people I know who are ill. Sometimes you feel so helpless to do something for others, and this was a way for me to express my hope for them.