Sunday, July 5, 2009


I've always thought that our children teach us how to parent. Well, my 21 y.o. son, who has been in Israel since January, called today. He thought he would tell us that his friend, Angela, misses him 4 times more than we do, and she wants to pick him up at the airport and go to Michigan State for the night. Then we can pick him up from there and bring him home. I told him I understood, and I'm sure she really misses him like crazy. But maybe, just maybe, his dad and I will still go to the airport and see him, because we miss him too.


wileybead said...

I love being a part of your Fridays and going on errands with you. Just love it. LIfe is in the details if you ask me. Not the big stuff. The little stuff we take for granted. Normal, wonderful stuff.

Carol said...

You're a GOOD mom. And I bet one day ( if you aren't already) you'll be a great MIL.

One of my work friend's son is at Michigan State. Full Scholarship in Art.