Wednesday, June 27, 2007

a necklace

Now that I have learned how to scan, I scanned some of my favorite pieces and want to share them. This necklace is made from components from two Jeannette Cook classes. I love her use of color and her boldness. It's actually taken me a few years to design the necklace in a way I like - I've probably made half a dozen versions with different pieces from the classes. I believe (I hope)I'm finally happy with this combination.


Sunni said...

I love it, it looks like a wonderful summer fiesta. I love all the colors and the main piece. Did you use wire to get the curve?
Please keep scanning and showing us your beautiful work.

Christina said...

So colorful! I never thought to scan any of my beadwork. I always take photos, but I kind of like the scanning idea.

Judi D said...

How fun is that! Great necklace, I also like the pruple one in the previous post. You do very nice work.

Tally said...

Hi Susan,
this necklace is so beautiful! Those beaded beads radiate joy and the snake is just gorgious.
Thanks for your nice warm words on my blog.
Btw, many many years ago I went to highschool in Benzonia near Traverse City and happened to visit Ann Arbor University for a couple of days.
Greetings from Hamburg to Michigan

mdmB said...

So colorful and cheerful! Lovely work.

...zur Zeit sind`s die Perlen said...

Hello Susan,
...what can i say, I like´s a beautiful necklace have wonderful´s correkt..I am hooked?
Have a nice day, Andrea