Sunday, July 8, 2007

The spiral stitch is my favorite one for beading. I love embellishing the stitch as well. I've posted two necklaces with flower pendants and one sampler. The sampler comes from components from a drawer I just throw all unfinished or sample pieces in. I combined a lot of those pieces into this sampler. It's actually a little too much to wear, but it was fun to put together all those bits and pieces and create something.


Sunni said...

Well I love your combined necklace.
It's fun and playful.
I like this stitch also. It's one of the first I learned and I still do it a lot and have taught it to more people than I can count.

freebird said...

I'm not sure I know this stitch. What books can it be found in? I like your combined necklace too. I think it's got a little wackiness to it but not too much. It would be fun to wear.

a2susan said...

The spiral stitch can be found in Carol Wilcox Well's book, and there are probably a lot of tutorials on it for free on the internet. It's a fun stitch, like Sunni says, works up quickly, and has lots of variations. If you don't find it, let me know and i'll get you more resources.

freebird said...

I found the book it's in. I didn't realize that was what I was seeing. I'll have to try the stitch out soon. Thankyou. And I hope you won't mind but have fun with being TAGGED for a meme that Sue in West WA tagged me for. It's different than some I've seen and I thought someone who can join sample pieces together into a cohesive whole and remember her Campfire Days might have fun with it.