Thursday, July 19, 2007

Tagged by Freebird

I just noticed that I was tagged by Freebird a few days ago to answer some questions. But I'm going to be a party pooper, because I don't like the questions, so I'm just going to answer what I want. Five things to do before I die: Well, I want to finish all my bead projects, I want to have grandchildren, I want to lose enough weight so that my wedding ring will fit me again, and I want to enjoy my friends and family.

Five things that attract me to the opposite sex: I like men who listen and look at me while I'm talking, who have interests outside of work, who can tell a good joke (because I can't), and who do what they say they are going to do.

Five celebrity crushes: John Cusack - I think he's a great actor, Meryl Streep - she is like a chameleon, she becomes whatever role she plays.

What questions would I prefer? Five artists I like, Five ways I can help improve the world (or just my little corner of it), Five favorite books, Five favorite foods. So maybe in another entry I'll answer these questions.


Christina said...

Hi Susan,

Which Melanie class did you take at NanC's? Right now I'm not registered for any upcoming classes at NanC's. I looked for the classes you mentioned. I see a spiral one, but I didn't notice the peyote one. I was supposed to be in a Cynthia Rutledge class at Funky Hannah's on Saturday, but then got Cubs tickets for the same day. My cousin went in my place and Cynthia was nice enough to let me buy a kit. That was really nice of her considering it was her first time teaching that particular class! Have you taken classes at Funky Hannah's? They're in Racine, WI. Really cute store.

Happy Beading! :)

a2susan said...

I don't see the RAW spiral class up on her classes, maybe it's a really new piece. The peyote one is called Rapunzel.
I'm taking a Cynthia class in the fall. She always comes to the store I bead at, Findings, once a year. I'm taking the Turkish Veil. What one were you going to take?
I have't taken a class at Funky Hannah's, again because of the distance. Have a great day!