Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Too much of a challenge?

I hope I haven't committed myself to too large a challenge. I am beading a 6" diameter mandala, and it is a lot of work! I have drawn mandalas for many years and I decided to take advantage of the BJP to bead one...or twelve!
The mandala I'm starting with is called "Aspire." I'm starting with this one because a major goal I have for this year is to take care of my body for health reasons. I want to lose weight, get off high blood pressure meds and have more energy. I also would like fewer headaches and less depression. I'm thinking that I can use the BJP as a way of staying focused and maintaining motivation.


freebird said...

Have you checked out the book The China Study? Helped me.

a2susan said...

I haven't heard of that book. How did it help you - I'm always open to new ideas. Susan

Tally said...

I'm so astonished with all the connection (wrong word, don't know a better one) the beaders on BJP are having with joining in.
What a great idea!
I wish you good luck on pursuing your goals.

Take care