Saturday, June 23, 2007

Now that I've finished my June journal piece, I'm posting a few other embroidered pieces that I've made. The bracelet on the left is from one of my favorite teachers, Gail Frederickson. She had us bead this bracelet by putting larger beads in place first, then beading around them.
The top next bracelet is from a Sherri Serafini class. It's not on the cuff yet, mainly because I can't find it, although I know it's somewhere around. It was made improvisationally by putting it over my wrist a lot and thinking how I would like it to look. The bottom piece is from a Laura McCabe class. The bracelet is on leather and almost entirely made of crystals. The button represents either the sun or the moon, either rising or setting, reflecting on water. I also designed this bracelet as I went along, although I had the idea in mind. I belong to the Great Lake Bead Guild, plus take classes at local bead stores. We have wonderful teachers come to our area, and I have been very lucky to take classes with them. I usually redo all my pieces from classes, because once I go home I have a better understanding of the construction, the teacher's intent, and how to use colors. Its taken me several years to become confident to do bead embroidery. I was so scared of it, like facing a blank canvas. But I'm getting more comfortable with it, and with my ability to do it.

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Amy a.k.a. dragonryder4 said...

Wow your braclets are so pretty :) I grew up in New England also ( Maine ) . I now live in DeRidder,Louisiana . I have just discovered beading - though I have always loved beads - I use them alot in my Crazy quilting. I am gonna try to make a braclet one day .