Saturday, April 30, 2011

beads, beads, and more beads

Last week I promised you pictures of beads.  I just walked around the house and took photos of what I have scattered about.  I'm in one of my reorganizing modes, so I have things in piles everywhere.

Various bead projects above.  Some of these need a little work,  a strap to be made, snaps to be moved.  A few are colors that I no longer wear so they will be rotated out of my jewelry drawers.

Below, the two projects I took with Bev Herman on the Bead Cruise 2011.  Sorry for the smudge in the crystal on the necklace on the left.  The necklace is called the Siren's Jewels and it is beautiful!  Altogether there are 16 links of chain that are beaded, making for a lovely strap.  The next necklace is bead embroidered with Vintaj chain for the strap and reflects our ocean theme.

In my living room, just a group of beady things hanging out.

On my computer desk, a pile of beaded jewelry.  Since this is my desk, you will also see some the normal mess of lists and scattered bills underneath the jewelry - not a very interesting background - but just the way it it sorted itself out.

Another pile on my desk.  I think these will go to the gallery.  I need to check everything out, make sure no threads are showing, that the earring findings are on tight....

Even more jewelry on my desk.

My Bead Journal Project embroidered pieces.  I need to think about framing them and just wanted to get a look at what I have.  My husband asked me not to frame the ones about depression or headaches on the upper left) or anger (out of frame).  I can see his point, so maybe I'll frame them as a separate group.

And finally, the last pile of jewelry on my desk.  Almost all of these are bracelets that are now too big.  I'm going to redo the clasp on the Rachel Nelson-Smith right angle weave bracelet and see if I can make it smaller.  I see a necklace I want to restring, a bracelet I'm going to cut up and make into a necklace, and a bezeled cab I made from a Marcia DeCoster class that I love, but haven't decided what to make with it.

Hope you've enjoyed a tour of my beads.  Now I have to pick them all up and do the actual organizing!

To all the University of Michigan graduates, congratulations on your graduation today.  I hope you enjoyed your time in Ann Arbor and take away fond memories.  And maybe, like Dennis and I, you'll find your way back to this wonderful city and make it your home.


Carol said...

Whoa!! That's a lot of beadwork!! I love the two necklaces you showcased. I little different than your other work. I love them.
Love ya!

spopod said...

Love seeing all the pictures of your bead work, great job!