Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Week in the Life of...

A few pictures from this past week.  Last Saturday I went to a book signing of Beads Across America by Michigan's representative, Liz Thompson.  Liz and I know each other through the Great Lakes Bead Guild plus we both went on the bead cruise.
Monday night was the first night of Passover.  Dennis and I went up to Michigan State and had a seder with Sam at his apt.  Sam lives fairly minimally - for instance, no napkins, paper towels, regular kitchen towels, pot holders, or serving pieces.  He also only has one chair.  Luckily he lives alone.    He went to Eastern Michigan Univ. as an undergrad, hence the "E" in the mascot eagle.  I love this picture of Dennis and Sam.

Sam and I.
And finally, a sunny day in Michigan cannot go unappreciated.  The forecast for this coming week is all rain, so I'm enjoying a few rays of sunshine while I can.

You may wonder where the beads are.  I'm slowly finishing a few projects and hopefully will post pics soon.

And that's my week, from Saturday to Saturday.  Hope you had a good week!


Carol said...

Cool! I read that Liz was cruising but I didn't know it was the same one you went on. I bet she's a ball to be around.

I am amazed at how much Sam looks like both you AND your husband. When I saw the pic of the two men I thought, wow they sure look alike. Then when I saw you and Sam together, I had to go back and be sure it was the same son. Another cool thing.

Yep, we had sun here today and we were out, not necessarily sitting in the son, but at least enjoying fresh air.

Much love,

Debra said...

Great pics of you and the boys. Sam is looking more like you every day. I enjoyed yesterday's sunshine, too. I forwarded my pic dancing to the girls. Thankfully, I don't think you knew how to take video on your camera, or I would be in big trouble! Definitely have to do the cruise again next year.