Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bead Cruise 2011

A few weeks ago I went on the Bead Cruise 2011, organized by Heather Powers.  It was a 7 day cruise, leaving from Galveston, TX and going to Cozumel, Grand Cayman, and Jamaica.  In between the ports we had beading classes from a great group of teachers - Marcia DeCoster, Tracy Stanley, Dallas Lovett, Jean Campbell, Bev Herman, and Heather.  I think there were about 65 participants and we all had a lot of fun.  

The beach above and below is in Grand Cayman, which is known for its beautiful beaches and water. 

In Jamaica we stopped at a new port built by Royal Caribbean called Falmouth.  My friend Deb enjoyed dancing with a local band member playing in the square.

In Cozumel I saw a sign for a synagogue.  Whoever would have guessed that a small island off the coast of Mexico would have a synagogue?  That's one of the fun things about traveling, you always find unexpected treasures.

Everyone loves the pools on the ship.  The band is getting ready to play here, so it's probably late afternoon and people are going to be coming back from shore excursions.  Off to the sides are tables out of the sun where we often sat and beaded.

One of the great activities about cruising is eating.  Yes, it really is an activity.  The dining room is lovely, with a menu offering several selections.  Or you can eat in the buffet-style Windjammer or several other settings.  Luckily, another activity is walking, since the ship is so big.  I say luckily because even indulging in desserts like the one below, I didn't gain any weight.

Next year the cruise starts March 25 and leaves from Port Canaveral.  The itinerary includes St. Thomas and St. Maarten, places I haven't been to before.  I'm waiting to learn who the teachers are before committing...but I had such a fun time this year that I certainly hope to go again.  Won't you join me?

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Carol said...

Wow!! Good fun for you, cruisin and beadin! Can't wait to see what you created in the classes.
xx, Carol