Sunday, January 11, 2009

beaded jewelry

This first piece is freeform over a washer. My favorite colors!

I saw a photo on a blog (sorry I can't reference it) of a similar piece and made this set to go with a dress I wore in Mexico.
This beautiful lampwork face is by Sylvie Landsdowne, as is the beaded pattern for the mermaid. She hangs on a tubular right angle weave strap embellished with crystals.


Carol said...

I love these pieces. The colors are so vibrant.

I work in a machine shop and just brought home some little ring castoffs to try to incorporate in a piece somewhere. Love what you did with the washer.

pam T said...

I love these pieces too - especially the freeform over the washer. How did you do it? Just keep winding around and going through here and there?
very cool.