Sunday, January 11, 2009

Arizona trip

I recently was in Arizona to celebrate my sister's 50th birthday. We had a great weekend, full of fun and eating. This first photo is a close-up of a peyote band I made her. I didn't really know whether to make it a bracelet or something she could hang up (I've made her a cardinal crystal ornament in the past), so I kind of improvised.

Here is the full piece. It covers the top of her wrist and a tiny bit of the side and looked good just with the ribbon tied in a knot.

And here is my family, in front of the lovely old hotel we had lunch at, I believe called the Royal Palm. From the left - Irving and my mother, Buddy and Toby (the birthday girl!), Sharon and me!

A beautiful piece in the hotel lobby.

And the fountain in front of the hotel. Such a lovely setting.


Carol said...

I love your little cardinal. I know your sister loved it. Since you made her a cardinal before, they must be special to her, as they are to me.

Cardinals are one of my favorite birds that visit my feeders.

Nice picture of your family.

Christina said...

It turned out great! I saw the pattern for it and have been thinking of making it, too. It was nice to see how yours turned out. I'm sure your sister loved it.

pam T said...

very cool bracelet! and WOW, that piece in the hotel lobby - do you have a closeup of it? That's stunning. Glad to see a (tiny) pic of you for once...!!! :)