Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tips wanted for 2008 website

I am excited to be part of the 2008 Bead Journal Project. Of course, I still have 2 months to finish for the 2007 year. And while I work on them, I'm going to think if there are any tips I can contribute to the website. For instance, I started with a big size 10 needle and then tried a sharp, which I now love, and even use on regular bead work. I use an arm's length of Power Pro, my favorite "thread." Even though I won't be wearing the bead pages, I go through bugles and crystals twice.

If you have any suggestions for tips, please leave them in the comment section so I can add them to the website. Thanks!


abeadlady said...

Left a couple of tips on the BJP blog, but here is another that was instrumental in improving my skills.
Take your time and put the beads exactly where you want them. You can't always go back and make corrections. Better to spend a little extra time to begin with than be unhappy with the results.

If you backround shows and you don't want it to, use a Sharpie in the appropriate color to shade the backround fabric.

Learn your basic stitches and then go for it. It doesn't always have to make a recognizable picture. Don't be afraid to put your emotions into your beading. Sometimes it can be very effective.

Hope you can use some of these.


a2susan said...

I love those Sharpies! I bought some thin ones as well as thick ones so I can sketch in an area before beading.

abeadlady said...

Yes. Those little skinny ones get right down between the beads when necessary, too. Saves a whole lot of time trying to find a bead that will fit those odd-shaped spaces.

I think it's Carol that uses french knots to fill the spaces. I think that is so cool looking. It adds a lot to the piece.


freebird said...

I saw your request for cheering up on my reader but the post is not here. I am either in the Twilight Zone or in Lala land. My family thinks I'm usually in lala land but that should mean MY post would not be where it should be. I wonder where your post is? When all else fails you should eat chocolate. That's supposed to make anyone feel better. I think Easter Peeps do a better job. I hope you are already feeling better since I don't seem to be producing too cheerful of a message here. I'm trying!! Now crack just the teensiest smile as someone does care. Really. And maybe everyone else found your post because they aren't in the twilight zone and they've probably left you much more cheerful messages. Tomorrow is another day. May you find sunshine and warmth to cheer you up more.

a2susan said...

thank you, Freebird. I did have a message and then I deleted it because I was too self conscious. But I was in a real funk and couldn't get myself out of it, so I thought I would ask for help. Maybe next time I'll be braver and keep the message there. It's hard for me to ask for help, I need to keep practicing it.