Sunday, August 1, 2010

Nothing like a good book

My husband is gone for the week at a conference in Toronto. Then the next week he and the boys are going to Glacier National Park. I am used to being alone, but not without a good book! I've been to the library, the bookstores, and everything I pick up I put back down. So this morning I was heartened to see that the new Tana French book is in transit to my local library branch. I will not be so alone after all. And if you haven't read Tana French, she has 2 previous novels out, they are fantastic, and you will be happy to be curled up with a good companion.


Carol said...

Gosh, I haven't read a novel in a long time. But, I am on vacation this week and bound that I will not do anything I don't want to, including cooking. I picked up the Girl with the Dragon Tatoo just to see what all the whoopla is about. I was going to sit down quietly and begin it this afternoon, but here I am at the computer while the boys burn off some energy and loud talk in the living room. The pond is in the sun now, so thats not an option. I'll have to go check and see what your book is about.

Anonymous said...
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