Friday, August 20, 2010

It's been busy

Sam, above, in his big U-Haul, going to college 1 hour away.

Jason, ready for his long drive to Penn State in his small car.

What a busy week we've had here. Last week Dennis and the boys were on their annual father/son vacation and during that time Jason found out that the apt. he leased last May had bed bugs, very persistent ones, because they were still there after 3 exterminations. So with Jason in Montana, and his new roommate from Massachusetts, we worked to find a new apt. His roommate and parents drove to State College and I provided telephone support. Not much to choose from at this time of summer, but we managed to find a place. The only problem, it wasn't going to be ready until today, and Jason started orientation this past Monday. He still went, slept on a friends couch, and hopefully has moved in today.

Sam packed up a U-Haul yesterday and we moved him into an apt. at Michigan State. When we arrived we found out that the apt. wasn't ready. So we bought his books (don't even ask how much law textbooks cost), we went to Comcast so he could have internet connection, and the apt. still wasn't ready. The landlord let him move his stuff into a different apt. temporarily and he slept on a couch at a friend's.

Two boys gone off to college in one week, the house is quiet, feels empty, a little lonely. But there is so much more space, too!


Carol said...

O brother!! what a lot of messing around because unknown people did not perform what they promised to do!!!

I suppose both guys will someday look back and if they don't laugh, they will certainly talk about how this year started.

The good thing is no one moved into an apartment with BBs!!!

Enjoy your solitude. If you have too much, send some to me, please!!
xx, Carol

Plays with Needles said...

Bed bugs!! AAAGGHH!!

All I see are two boys fledging the nest. I'm surprised they still buy law books rather than have them all online? Enjoy your time for you. xoxo