Saturday, August 28, 2010

More Gallery Pieces Sold

I originally sent 9 pieces of jewelry to the gallery, then sent 3 more, now the owner has asked for more because there are only 3 pieces left! There's only a month left to her season, so I'm going to get some more out on Monday.

I was doing this as a one time thing. I was curious if I could rise to the occasion, meet the goal of making many pieces. I am pleasantly surprised that they have sold, amazed actually. Now I feel motivated to work during the winter on new pieces, and I think I can stop questioning whether I am a bead artist or not. Always that little censor sitting on my shoulder saying my work isn't good enough, it's not as creative, or intricate, or original as other beaders work. I think I can quell that voice now.


Carol Creech said...

Congratulations, Susan!! That is awesome. Your pieces are just gorgeous. I'm so excited for you that you are having such success. Yep, I think you can say you are officially a bead artist. :)

Carol said...

Hi Susan
We all have those little niggling doubts about ourselves and the value of the art we create, whether we want to be professional, philanthropic, or self satisfying.

Anyone that sees your work sees that it is gorgeous. Now, perhaps, you can wash away your doubts and just enjoy the process.

Congratulations. You have arrived.