Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New Beading Photos

It's been a long time, but I do have some new bead projects to show. Above and below are my entry for next year's Beading for a Cure. This is a project that raises money for colorectal cancer. Every participant buys the same kit and we have to use at least one of every bead in the kit, plus we can add one bead. My added bead is the beige pearl. I also added two rivolis for the earrings, but they are not considered a bead, since they do not have a hole in them.

Next is a very fun bracelet, originally based on a kit by Glass Garden Beads. I made a double strand and this bracelet is sparkly!

Another variation of the bracelet, a firepolish and pearl double strand bracelet. I love the subtle colors of this one. You may recognize it as one I made for the gallery.

The lariat, below, is design by Gail Frederickson, one of my favorite local teachers. She taught this at our Guild's local teacher classes. I love the beaded beads!

Finally, a right angle weave bracelet with 3 different colors of firepolish. Turquoise and lime green are among my favorite colors, toned down a bit with the brown seed beads. You saw this bracelet as a work in progress on my beading tray a few entries ago.

I am currently going through kits that I have and making the project in them. So far I have made or completed 3 last week and 2 this week, including the 2-strand bracelets above. Photos to come on the rest of the projects when they are done.

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. We are in the midst of a heat wave, hot and humid.

Good weather to stay inside and bead! Stay cool!

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Carol said...

Man, are you ever bead busy!! I like them all, but the last bracelet especially catches my eye. Its a great design. I usually like that color comb, but adding the brown beads REALLY changes it up and gives it a more chic appeal. That color combo was especially popular when I was in about 8th grade. I remember having several dresses and tops in paisley.

I read that you are thinking of giving up your blog. I hope not. I love to see what you are/did work up.

So many are giving up their blogs and concentrating on FB. Just can't get into that. Is it possible that blogging is concidered "old school" now ~lol~

Anyway, glad you posted. The heat wave has found me outside just sweating it up while weeding. A restful and introspective activity for me.

Keep cool
xx, Carol