Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Another kit project

Another kit completed - I hope I previously mentioned that this is my summer project, working on kits. Above is a kit from Fusion Beads, called a Queen's Ransom. I have actually changed a few of the colors, to keep them bright and in my palette.

I have a few pair of earrings to show, but all the photos I take of them are fuzzy, even with the tripod. Any suggestions for getting a clear photo?

I am currently working on a kit that is making me nuts! It's another one I've had for years and I always thought it would be fairly easy to make, although requiring some time. Not so...the directions are terrible, terrible. There are no counts given, so you have to figure out where the decreases in the pattern are from a diagram. You have to make a lot of little leaves, but there is no clue how to do this - do you make them and then attach them? do you make them as you are beading? The leaves are made from delicas and two colors of 15's, but they are all so close in tone that you can hardly separate them. Same goes for the beads around the cabochon, two shades of pink that you can't distinguish between. So I have taken apart sections of the beading and started over several times. It's only because I've been beading so long that I can get a sense of what's supposed to happen, but it only gets clearer after I've made mistakes. Yikes!

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Barbara said...

Perhaps something that you can call 'your own' will evolve from the difficult kit project. Congratulations on lovely work, and on your NY sales! That's an achievement. As for fuzzy photos, I'm not an expert, but it seems that happens to me when I put the camera too close to the subject. Good luck!