Monday, May 10, 2010

Jason's graduation continued....

I always like to have my picture taken with the boys - I suppose no matter how old they are I'll still refer to them that way.
My mother came from Arizona with her husband. They were great sports about the weather, but I think they were very happy to be on the airplane going home this morning. My mother has been to every graduation of her grandsons', including my sister's two boys. Next year she'll have Sam's law school graduation from Michigan State as well. We'll put in an advance order for better weather, mom!

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Carol said...

Good luck with that weather order. The weather Gods are like going to the Hacienda Rest. in Goshen IN. You can order, but you never get it when you want it. LOL

Gosh your mom looks nice. She looks great in one of my favorite colors.

I need to have my pic taken with my grandsons more often. I take lots of pics of them with Terry. I guess I am usually one on one with them more than he is. They are a GROUP. The Guys. The Pack. The Trio.

Nice pictures.