Sunday, April 18, 2010

What I have been doing all winter

I feel like my blog has gone through a period of drought. But in fact I have been beading more than ever all winter long. I have been making pieces for a gallery that is open for the summer months. I will take pictures the next day we have sun here, hopefully tomorrow!

This is what I have learned. Making jewelry that I think other people will like is very hard. Making jewelry that doesn't have thread showing, or looped over a bead, or cut down to the edge is very hard. For every one piece that I am satisfied with, I have usually made 4 or 5 other pieces. I have worked every day since January and feel I have very little to show for the hours I have devoted to making the jewelry. I don't feel it represents the best work I can do, and I am sure I am overly critical of myself.

In terms of the time and effort I have put into the projects, I will not earn a cent. But I hope the gallery will! In order to do this work, I stopped reading, am behind on my Bead Journal Project, and was unable to complete the most recent round of Use the Muse contest.

However, I really wanted to do this. I wanted to see if I could meet the challenge, really a personal challenge, of committing to something and following through on it. When I post the pictures, I will be curious to see what the feedback is. Until then....

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Carol said...

Well, even your not best work is beautiful. Its so cool that your work will be in a gallery. How did that come about? I don't think there are a lot of people out here that make and sell jewelry and get the value of their time. Sometimes, a sale isn't about the money anyway.

You extended yourself and met the challenge. That in itself is a huge accomplishment! I admire you for the focus you had. Now, can't wait to see what you created!
xx Carol