Monday, April 26, 2010

Beading Areas

When I read Marcia DeCoster's blog this morning, she referred to Bev Herman's blog about what her beading tray looks like. I believe several readers then took pictures of their beading trays, including me! The top photo is the coffee table next to where I sit, and the bottom photo is my beading tray. I'm working on several projects at once and kind of push things into the corner when I'm done or going to work on it soon. I am making a right angle weave/square stitch bracelet with fire polish beads in a quilt-like design. I made one, and then decided there was too much thread showing. This is definitely an influence of my friend Deb, who can't bear the idea of thread showing. She won't even do certain stitches because you can see the thread. It never used to bother me, but now that I have found a thread I like, One-G, I'm getting to like the thread to match the beads more.

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Carol said...

I was in Walmart last summer at the end of the season and found plastic trays for $l. I bought 5 or 6. When I got home I cut decorator suede to fit, sprayed the back with spray adhesive and vawalla..bead trays. Now, if I hve more than one thing going, I have a tray for each project and they stack nicely.

I have been using a sharpie on fireline which seems to be working. I just can't seem to get away from fireline. No tangles or frays and of course, beads don't cut it, at least not yet.
xx, Carol