Monday, April 26, 2010

Jewelry for the Gallery

Here is an intial picture of the jewelry I have made for the gallery in New York. However, I'm not going to send most of it, because I realize that the owner wants to sell the work at a lower price than I suggested to her for most pieces. Actually, I came up with a price based on a formula she shared, but the prices came out shockingly high. That's beadwork for you. It's so time-consuming that you just can't make money selling it. So I have reorganized what I am going to send and taken the more expensive pieces out. I don't have good pictures yet of what I'm substituting, so that will be another day.

If anyone has any thoughts on what you would pay for these pieces, or as a beader, what you would price them at, I'd be happy for you to share them!!!


Sarah Knight said...

Your work looks wonderful : )

Carol Creech said...

Susan, these pieces are gorgeous!!! I'm amazed at your talent. I'm sure it's been difficult trying to negotiate pricing, knowing the amount of work that goes into these. Good luck with the rest of the process - I hope you are able to work out pricing that is acceptable to you! Thanks for sharing the pictures - so fun to see what you have created.

Carol said...

Your beading is gorgeous.
Pricing your work seems to be the issue that is being discussed right now around the web. Lots of commenting about it on FB. I don't get involved because I don't sell. Seems like the bottom line is they look at the price that others have put on their work and go from there. I have to say that I was shocked at the final prices that some BFAC pieces were selling. Some seemed so low, while some of the bead embroidered pieces were commanding higher prices.

I hope someone gives you some insight on it.
xx, Carol