Friday, August 28, 2009

The Clearing

In the summer of 1997 I went to a wonderful place called The Clearing, in Door County, Wisconsin. I took a class on journal writing taught by Darlene Cole, which was just lovely. Darlene was a person you felt comfortable with, and her suggestions for things to do with your journal widened my journaling experiences. The following poem came out of that week:

I was looking for an exit.
I tried the door, and found that
rather than opening out, it turned in,
and that is how I found myself.

By going inward, to the interior of myself,
I found what I had never lost
but had misplaced, forgotten, left unattended.
I began to recycle.

A mystery: Why did I leave myself at the roadside?
An answer: It remains unsolved.

The past is fertile ground for becoming whole.
A completeness nurtured by loss,
A compass guided by mourning,
A path that leads to my Self,
A greeting that beckons hello.

August, 1997, The Clearing


Carol said...

It always amazes me when someone writes a poem. I always think "Why can't I do that?" I am going to try Robins method of writing a poem about your page. If I do it enough times, it may become more natural for me.

What do you think about when you read the poem now? What would you say now. I'd like to hear a "now" poem .. kind of a follow-up.

XX, Carol

a2susan said...

Carol - at the time I wrote the poem I was still reeling from being fired. I was also in the middle of a lawsuit against my employer. So I actually found the poem very calming. And when I read it now it feels like a map of how to stay focused and grounded.

As for a "now" poem, I'll think about it and see what happens.

XX back, Susan

Marty S said...

It's a powerful poem. I thought about what it must mean to you and also what it could mean to me. One of the wonders of art is how it can make us reflect on its meaning to ourselves.
Marty S
Crackpot Beader

pam T said...

Susan, what a wonderful poem!

KV said...

This is wonderful, Susan!

Kathy V in NM