Thursday, August 20, 2009

Beading Chaos

Beading Chaos! When the boys are away, Susan makes a mess on the kitchen table. It's the only time I can really spread out. I can work on several projects at once and leave them overnight. Usually I have to clean everything up so there is room to eat! The bracelet on the mat is by Kim Stathis, called Razzle Dazzle bracelet. What a terrific design. In the upper photo, the beaded beads are a variation of the Spinning Top Bead from Bead Infinitum (it's a free pattern) and lots of fun to make.

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Carol said...

THAT doesn't look like chaos to ME. My table is what chaos looks like!! Besides you need something to keep your mind busy with the boys gone. I think all the time that I just want one minutes peace, but I would sure miss them if they were gone. Its gotten so bad that I never know who is coming and who is going and to what class. I tell my daughter, just tell me where I need to be and when and who I am picking up or dropping off! lol