Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Variety is the spice of life, so it's said, and this blog entry has a lot of variety! Above is a beautiful bracelet my friend Wendy designed and made for a bridesmaid in her daughter's wedding. The bracelet is made with a right angle weave base, 4mm crystal ab bicones, and pearls. It is stunning!

Below is a detail from a necklace to be auctioned off for charity.

And here is the complete necklace. I got the pattern from Bead magazine, a British publication. I used a czech drop I found at Bead's Galore in Arizona and used a chain for an adjustable fit. The auction is for an organization called Food Gatherer's, which does just what it says, and distributes food to shelters and other places that need it.

Next is a photo of one of my favorite gardens in my neighborhood. I just love walking by this peaceful garden.

And finally, the baby robins hatched! Here they are with their beaks open and waiting to be fed. The grew so much every day it was amazing. When they started flapping their wings we knew they were getting ready to leave. Then one day, first one baby, then the next, and then the third, all flew away. Talk about empty nest! The next itself was exquisitely made. It was solid on the sides and bottom, but the inside was layered with soft grass. Those birds were well protected. Now that they are gone my husband and I can sit on the front porch again.

Variety is the spice of life, so they say, and this blog entry has a wide range of variety.


Carol said...

Love the variety!

The bracelet really is stunning.
Isn't it amazing how a variety of tiny flowers grouped together can be so beautiful and peaceful.

We had two Robins nests this year. Sunday afternoon I was sitting on the bed talking to Deb looking out the window and noticed that one brood was coming out of the nest, possibly for the first time. It was a sight! I called the boys to watch, and knew I wouldn't get good pics through the screen.

wileybead said...

Hi Susan,
So glad to see (read) that you are blogging again. I love to see what you are doing. I heard the polymer clay classes were awesome. Love your work. I never realized you were such a good drawing artist. Keep up the good work.
Pat Wiley

GraceBeading said...

I really enjoy all the photos and I love your necklace (especially that macro shot!).