Monday, May 18, 2009

Baby Birds

It's the season for baby birds. Above are birds nesting in a cactus in Arizona. My sister and I saw them when we were hiking. Below, a robin's nest on our front porch. The babies hatched last week, but it's really hard to get a photo of them. Their beaks barely rise above the nest. And mama robin is very protective. She must have been off looking for food when I snapped this photo.
Watching the nest being built was very interesting. First, we noticed lots of the dried leaves arriving on our porch. We didn't know what was happening at that time, and both my husband and I thought that the other had done some weeding and just left the leaves on the porch. Soon, we noticed the leaves were hanging from the column, and suddenly there was a nest. Every day we would look through the front door window to watch the robin sitting in the nest. We know there are at least 2 babies. I imagine they'll take off someday soon.

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Carol said...

I spend so much time watching the birds around my house. They are amazing and entertaining and I am always learning something about them.

We have several nests around in the trees and bushes. I'll be watching for the newbies to fly, but we can never quite catch it!