Saturday, September 13, 2008

My favorite and least favorite bead stitches

As I was looking through some of my beadwork, I realize that the one stitch I use consistently is the spiral stitch. It was one of the first stitches I learned. It is easy, versatile, and always looks good. You can change the number, order, and size of beads, embellish the heck out of it, and use all kinds of clasps. It is great for making lariats and adding fringe to the bottom. It is also fast to make, once you choose your beads. I love the double spiral stitch as well.

And now, for my least favorite stitch: Right angle weave. I think if you have a mathematical or analytical mind, RAW is the stitch for you. I am competent in using RAW, and have used it quite a bit for bracelets that I embellish. I can even make a RAW four sided rope for a bracelet or necklace. But do I enjoy it? No way...and it is such a popular stitch right now. Marcia DeCoster and Rachel Nelson Smith excel at RAW and I am in awe of how beautiful their creations are. And that's just the way I like it, looking and enjoying.


Christina said...

I've never done the spiral stitch, although I've been meaning to give it a try. My favorite stitch is peyote. I like RAW. I just finished a kit from Rachel Nelson-Smith that I really enjoyed.

KV said...

Even though my RAW pieces turn out well eventually (after several re-do's), I think being left-handed has a lot to do with my spending so much time thinking about the stitch.

Kathy V in NM

freebird said...

I don't think I know the spiral stitch. There are several spirals out there and I don't know which would be the basic from which to grow. Do you have a favorite?

abeadlady said...

Having taken several classes from Marcia, I finally am comfortable doing RAW. I probably do more peyote than anything when I'm weaving. My favorite spiral is the Russian spiral, but I like the others as well.