Saturday, September 27, 2008

Bead Creativity

I think I've simply lost my beading creativity for now. I don't know where it is, I've misplaced it somewhere. Nothing is speaking to me. Certainly the beads aren't. Everything looks blah. Everything feels blah. I think this is where part of it has gone - to my worrying about the future of our country. I am so depressed to think that McCain could possibly be our next president. I am so depressed by the havok that Bush has done to our beautiful country these past eight years. The kind of wars we need to be fighting are those against poverty, hunger, lack of education, lack of healthcare, lack of jobs, here, right in our backyard. Of course we have to fight terrorism, too, but at least pick the right terrorists and the right country to fight. I pray every day that Americans vote for Obama and give us our country back.


freebird said...

I've got a great idea. Bead the Obama button you have on your blog! That would be a great page for this time. It is hard to concentrate on a lot if you feel this is a make or break election. Let me tell you that we have HOPE on our side. So what do you think?
I am ordering a T-shirt today to wear to my family gathering in Jan. I am the only Obama fan in the bunch but I did have one sister tell me today she thinks Obama is going to win. Chin up! Yes, we can!

Jacqui said...

Joining the band, 'fraid. Its the 30th September and not a bead stitched, well not for BJP. Have had several ideas wander in and then wander out.Like you, the current situation in the world and more importantly in the USA, is very depressing to say the least.

Hope inspiration has struck you by the last day.

KV said...

Hang in there, Susan -- I am feeling more optimistic about this upcoming election by the day. Even went out to the driveway a few minutes ago and put an Obama bumper sticker on my car -- and I am never moved to do these things ordinarily.

I do like Freebird's suggestion -- that Obama logo would make a lovely beaded piece . . .

Kathy V in NM

Denise said...

It'll come, play with the colours of Obama victory! I too love the idea of beading something positive around the election. I'm in Canada and we are having an election too. I do not want Harper and the conservatives to win. I don't want McCain to win either!
Good luck, I hope that you find your muse, and that you can channel some positive electoral energy!
cheers, Denise