Monday, November 19, 2007

Trip to Arizona

I went to visit my mother and sister's in Arizona a few weeks ago. They live in Scottsdale and Anthem . I had a wonderful visit. This first photo is at a restaurant called Orange. It is a very funky place and has delicious food.Here is a picture of my mother, resting on a bench during an art fair. She was still recuperating from foot surgery and could only do a little walking. So instead of looking at the art (which was great) she got to people watch, another kind of art in and of itself.
Here are my sisters, Sharon, on the left, and Toby, on the right. They are both wearing earrings that I made but you can only see Toby's. They are a design from a bead and button issue and very fun to make. She flattered me by wearing them because this girl is into Diamonds!
And finally, I had a pedicure, and the reason I took this photo of my now nice feet is because inside the white flower is a sparkly Swarovski flatback crystal!!! How cool is that?
I also visited 2 bead stores, Scottsdale Bead Supply and Bead World. SBS used to be in an old adobe house, crowded with all kinds of treasures. It had a personality and was fun to shop at. They have now moved into a large, brand new building with absolutely no character and no appeal (My personal opinion only). Bead World is a store in a shopping center, long and rectangular, but friendly and welcoming, plus the staff was delightful. I would go back there in a heartbeat.

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