Monday, November 12, 2007

It's been a long time....

It's been a full month since I posted. I have my September and October journal pages done, but November is turning into a challenge. I can't seem to motivate myself, or decide on anything - fabric vs. stiff stuff, one set of colors vs. another set. Every time I start I don't like what I do. So I am just waiting for a sign, an image, a light.

I have moved my beads into one of my son's bedroom. He was pretty surprised when he came home from school for a weekend and saw half his room filled with my beads. But he's not home a lot, just an occasional weekend, and I really need a place to call my own for my beads. Of course, moving them meant total reorganization, and I'm still not done. Maybe that's what's gotten in my way, that everything is different and not comfortable yet. Plus, I can't decide between storing beads in flippies (fliptop containers) or plastic bags. Seems like such a silly thing, but it makes a difference in the amount of space they take up and how I see the beads.

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