Monday, December 5, 2011

Snowflake Challenge

 I have been thinking about the challenge and what I want to make.  Yesterday I started getting some beads together to see what I like.  I have my bead box all set with my needles and scissors and other tools. 

I love this ceramic pendant.  I think it needs to be the focal point so I am looking at working with subtle colors.  I like the blue and brownish seed beads I chose, but not the white ones or the pearls.  One of my favorite straps is herringbone, but as I was falling asleep last night I had a flash of an idea about a bail, which may determine what I do next. 

Today is a good day to spend a few hours working on the challenge.  It's raining here and doesn't look very inviting to go out.  So the beads and I have a date!


Carol said...

Gosh that focal is beautiful! The beads you have chosen are perfect. This is going to be a beautiful piece.

Susan Elliott said...

Just checking on how it's going...I've been buzzin every so often to see if you've made progress. No pressure, just wondering!