Friday, October 15, 2010

More Retreat Photos

Every year we make our hostess, Donna, a group present. This year we made triangle beads using delicas. We chose a palette that we thought she would like and each of us made about 7 beads of various sizes. Donna likes big, and this bracelet fits the bill.

Our friend Pat couldn't be with us this year since she has been in the hospital since August 2nd. While we were on the retreat we made her this prayer doll. Each of us wrote a message to Pat on ribbon and used them to stuff the doll.
This is the back of the doll. We just learned a few days ago that Pat is coming home today, what a blessing. Pat is one of those people that makes your life better just by knowing her. She is kind, talented, friendly to everyone. She takes time to talk with you. She listens. Her art work is beautiful, whether it's beading or basketry. She is an amazing woman who has had the bad luck to have gotten cancer, but is fighting it with commitment and grace. I hope our little doll puts a smile on her face and lets her know how much we care for her.


Carol said...

I love the prayer doll and I am sure that the intentions written on the ribbons and thought of while beading helped to get her home.

cool post, Susan.

Emerald Window said...

Your prayer doll is fabulous and I'm sure was a very healing influence for your friend.

beadbabe49 said...

What a beautiful gift for your friend...and it looks small enough to accompany her on future doc visits and such.

Anonymous said...

I'm Pat. It's Dec 26. I'm just reading these beautiful words of friendship and seeing my beautiful healing doll. This last year was a horror and I got through it with the support of friends like Susan and her beading group. How can you not smile when you look at this beautiful doll. Love, Pat