Monday, December 7, 2009

Winter is Here

There are two leaf pick-ups in Ann Arbor in the fall. Everyone rakes their leaves into the road and you can barely drive. Here is a pile of the leaves that the city trucks have picked up from our street. This was just a few weeks ago, and now the leaves are gone, and the snowflakes are coming down.

I am working extra hard not to be depressed with this transition in seasons. The gray skies really get me down. I already took one trip to AZ, where my family lives, for some sunshine. Over the years I have realized that taking a trip in November and February/March to a sunny climate really helps. It would even help if Michigan winters had some sun, because the temperature is not the issue, it's the sky. Expect to see some bjp on this, whose next season is coming up in January.

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Carol said...

Susan, the lack of sun is my problem also. I am not depressed yet, that usually hits in January. We had such a crummy summer I really feel cheated. Funny though, the fall was unseasonably warm and I still had snapdragons blooming on Thanksgiving! Today is our first real snowfall. Not pretty just dreary.

SO, we better cheer up and get the beads out, huh!