Tuesday, December 8, 2009


For the last few days we've been getting snow flurries, although they haven't added up to anything. A tradition in my bead group is to make a snowflake in December. My snowflake is designed by Sandra Halpenny. I made it yellow and white, with gold firepolish beads so it would be bright and cheery. I have 3 snowflakes from previous years, maybe I'll take them down and photo them to post here. Also, on the day we make the snowflakes, people bring in treats to share, a cheese ball and crackers, candy, lemon cake...and we have a delightful afternoon before breaking for the holidays.


Carol said...

Nice snowflake. Nice tradition. Nice that you have a group to enjoy your craft with. Can you tell I am in a NICE mood ~lol~

Tis the season!

wileybead said...

I share your feelings about the gray sky aspect of Michigan. Maybe December isn't the time to design and create your own projects. Try making a pattern of another designers that is full proof. (Is that spelled right?) The feeling of making and completing something always helps me. I'm finally beading again after such a hiatus. I'm so happy for that. Happy New year........ Miss you guys.