Saturday, July 12, 2008

Visiting Albuquerque

I am visiting my husband, who is spending the summer in Albuquerque. I love Albuquerque! I am so glad I came. We took a wonderful walk this morning and walked by an acquantaince of his and his wife and had a delightful talk. The weather is great, a clear sunny morning.

On Monday I will start visiting the bead stores, of which there are many here.

I'll take pictures and post them of my visit. Lots of outdoor art, interesting scenery (when you're from Michigan), and anything that catches my eye.

Be back soon!


Tally said...

Hi, remember me?

I would love to go to Albuquere too!
During a long trip to the US 28 yrs ago the SouthWest made a huge impression to me.
Ever since I love the desert, been to many, but never again to the States.
Also I'm an admirer of Georgia O'Keefe. :-)

Have a good time

morwyn said...

Welcome to ABQ, Susan! Can't wait to meet you!


KV said...

Hi, Susan -- it's good to hear that you are enjoying Albuquerque. And I am super glad you got to meet Morwyn today, too.

Now I will exercise great patience until we get you down to Las Cruces in the future . . .

Kathy V in NM