Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My Gorgeous Garden

My rock garden was kind of barren this year. I asked my neighbor, who loves to garden, if she would help me. And just as we beaders think about colors and finishes and sizes, so do gardeners. Dottie spends all winter reading books about plants, looking at their size, color, leaf shapes, and draws out her ideas. And then when spring comes, she spends all her time gardening. In particular, she likes digging up and moving plants until they feel just right. Wait 'til you see what she did with my garden, or, as I say, our garden.

First off, though, is the windmill that my husband made from a kit. He had fun making it, but I have to say I was a little shocked when I saw that he put it right on the front lawn! It kind of broke up the flow of the gardens between my neighbors house and ours.
The garden is kidney shaped.
This is the fuschia end of the garden, bright and happy.
This section is the green transition from fuschia to purple.
And this end is yellows, including a hybrid black eyed Susan!My son is going to mulch the garden tomorrow and it will look even better, plus hold the moisture from the water.

Thank you, Dottie, for being the best neighbor!

(I don't know why there are lines under my writing, or why some of the colors are different. If anyone knows how to fix this please tell me!!!)


berto xxx said...
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Gammie said...

Could you come do mine? This is a gorgeous garden and I love the transition from fuschia to yellow.


freebird said...

Blogger does some weird things at times. Sometimes I get spaces between paragraphs which I want and sometimes I don't no matter what I try. I've never had your particular problem - yet, that is!

My sisters make beautiful gardens but I do better with my beads. It's nice to know we can all do something.

KV said...

Your rock garden is wonderful!

Kathy V in NM