Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Where does inspiration come from?

The beads in the first photo were put together to make a bead mix (or bead soup) to make the necklace I am wearing below.  But where, you ask, did I get the idea?  A friend of mine, Erin Siegel has this necklace as the cover page for jewelry stringing spring 2014.  As soon as I saw the necklace I loved the vibrancy of the colors and the simplicity of showing off the glass beads.  I already had a set of beads similar to the ones in her necklace, so I was thrilled to find a way to use them.  Often, as beaders, we buy things knowing we like them and will one day use them, but we don't always know what they will be used for or when that day will be.  The necklace is made on Irish waxed linen cord, not pictured.  So for me, the inspiration for this necklace comes from friends and color and the happiness of using beads I already have.  Thanks, Erin!

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