Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rotating Jewelry

I remember when my kids were young, we would rotate toys and books, so that just when the kids started to get bored, you could take a new group of items out and it would be like they were brand new. I had the idea to do that with my jewelry. I simply have too much, and I don't see it anymore. However, when I started sorting it out, I realized that I really do have too much-lots of class pieces, lots of pieces from magazines, or my exploration of a stitch. There are some beautiful pieces, as well as items I just don't like anymore, or that never quite fit right, or the color combos don't work.

Then I had a realization - the jewelry represents my learning curve in beading. I put almost all of it in bins, just kept a few pieces out that I really like. At first I was really depressed, because the jewelry represents years of work. Then I felt a sense of exhilaration, like I was ready to move on and develop my own style. It was a sense that now I can move into a different stage, using what I've learned, but making it mine. I've wanted to do this for a while but have been held back by fears - I'm not good enough, I can't design, I'm not really an artist - you know, all those stupid things our censor tells us. Well, I'm going to just swat that censor away and plow ahead.


KV said...

What a wonderful post, Susan! Love the conclusion you reached.

I have quite the opposite problem -- everything I make generally ends up being gifted to someone! I generally don't take the time to make anything for myself.

Hmmm -- maybe I ought to change that this year, right?

Kathy V in NM

pam T said...

yep, great conclusion. I too just found a bunch of stuff that I made "in the beginning" and plan to either give it away or take it apart for recycling. every moment spent in the past has led to where you are today, Susan....

Carol said...

Well, its like everything. You wear what you really like, keep what goes with certain outfits and push the rest to the back.

Not only do the leftovers represent your learning process, don't they also represent your change in taste?

I have pieces that I used to really love that I hardly ever wear anymore.

So, you are right. Out with the old and with it goes all those insecurities about your inner artist. Cut em up, throw em out, get rid of em. We see your work, and we think you're great!

Plays with Needles said...

We are all artists Susan. Though I can completely understand what you mean about applying the word to yourself...I have the same problem. Maybe it's because I think I would have to make a living at my work in order to call myself an artist? I don't know...then THAT really is a funny idea, right?

I am glad you are honoring your beading journey...and I'm glad you are ready to leap into the next part of your story. Maybe you can repurpose some of the components of pieces you've made before?