Tuesday, March 17, 2009

More Cruise Photos

The group above are the original "509ers," for Table 509 of the cruise last year. They are the reason I went on the cruise again. These women are the best group of friends. We spent our entire dinners laughing, laughing, and laughing. We are a totally diverse group of people and just ended up at the same table. I love these women!

As friends send me photos I'll post them. First is this beautiful sunset from Sandy.
Here are the two Sandy's, below. They are best friends and two of the nicest people! They are very creative and make beautiful designs. If you can see, they are wearing their completed Marcia DeCoster Terracita earrings, which are just divine!

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KV said...

How neat that you do the bead cruise, Susan! Jim and I gave a lot of thought to possibly doing the cruise this year but so many other irons were in the fire at the same time.

Like my novel which was published on March 5th! Wanna talk about getting awfully busy in a hurry . . .

Kathy V in NM