Thursday, February 5, 2009

New Blog format

I've changed my blog format. I really like the simplicity of the blogs I've seen in all white, plus I think it shows off the photography better.

I am finishing beading "old" projects. I'm making a lot of progress, and will post photos when I'm done. Sometimes I'll pull out a project and realize I don't care for it anymore, and it will just go into my unfinished/sample bin. Sometimes I've had a bag of colors together to start a project for a year, and then I start it and don't like those colors go back into my bead bins. All of a sudden I have "new" beads to play with, beads I had forgotten about, or beads I especially like that I thought I had misplaced.

We had a call from Jason today. He is studying abroad for a semester and we haven't talked with him since he left Jan. 25. I don't know how much studying he's doing, but he's having a blast. The program has trips and social events every weekend and he's participating in those. It was so nice to hear his voice.

That's it for now!


KV said...

Methinks you have been surrounded by so much snow for so long that anything with a white background has become commonplace!

Just teasing -- I love the crisp look of your new format.

Kathy V in NM

Tracey N. said...

I like it too! Cant wait to see what you are working on. Hopefully you are getting some use out of your freebies. Good luck!

Carol said...

I like the look! I tried to do it once and it threw my old posts wacky. I went back to look at yours and they look great.

Jacqui said...

Love the new LOOK.

So where is Jason studying?

The bad Liz said...

Nice new, crisp look! Any classes in the next days?

Sabine said...

Nice new look, and I like the header background as well. I have played with the idea of giving my blog another look, but I am scared of trying in case something goes wrong, as it well might as Carol's experience shows.

Thank you for visiting my blog and writing that nice comment. That's what the adventurous dollies are for - to have fun! I sure had fun arranging the scene.

Best regards from