Thursday, August 30, 2007

next mandala

A little while ago I was sitting on the front porch. Today is a magnificent day, temp in the mid-70's, a breeze, not a cloud in the blue sky, and the trees are full of leaves. All of a sudden I run inside and grab my box of blue beads. Surely there must be a blue that matches the sky. And then the green beads box to match up the leaves. Then I notice the daisies peeking out behind a tree, yellow-orange beads. Some kind of purple flower is up against the daisies, the purple bead box. I have my mandala for Sept! The beautiful colors of nature. And Sept. is just a few days away, I'm so excited.


JoTee said...

I just love your mandala's. Yours truly is also thinking about our beading journal page for September, but I still have to finish August, am working on it though.
For some reason I can't seem to let go of paper, so when I am working with fabric & beads I just have to throw in some paper. August will have a few different types of paper. Used sheets of paper, then dryer fabric sheets, then paint, then cut them, then voila.

KV said...

Came to thank you for visiting my blog and found your wonderful brain-storming session on the porch! Those are the best moments of inspiration.

Looking forward to your next mandala.

Kathy V in NM