Friday, January 25, 2008

magic mandalas

The top mandala, titled "My Vein of Gold," is the first one I ever drew. I was hooked after this experience. It represented all the creative things I was looking for in my life, based on the book Vein of Gold by Julia Cameron.I love Mexico. I find the colors so full of energy, bright, and alive.

These mandalas aren't really magic, but they are drawn with magic markers!

Doing justice to mandalas

I am sorry for the repetition, I truly am. It's just that as I get better photos, I think the mandalas look so much better. I think I'm just about done, so soon there will be photos of new projects.

back to the beginning

As I continue to get better at photographs, I want to show my mandalas in a better light (pun intended!) Above is my first BJP mandala, called Aspire. Below, you can see the original drawing that I took my theme from.

Monday, January 14, 2008

better photo of january mandala

I think this is a slightly better photo of my January mandala, you can see the detail better.

Southwest mandalas

These are 2 mandalas I made several years ago. I am very inspired by the Southwest - its colors, symbols, geography. Although I was born and raised in Massachusetts, my family (except for me!) has migrated to Arizona, so I get to soak up the atmosphere on my visits there.

December and January mandalas

Here are my two latest mandalas, January on top, and December on the bottom. January's mandala is a bit tricky to describe. I started out with some leftover beads from a bracelet I made. I had no ideas for a theme, so I just started beading in the middle and worked out. As I beaded, I thought maybe I would make another ying yang mandala, so you might be able to see the swirl outline going through the center. But that idea didn't really develop. Then suddenly a butterfly showed up on the left, and I thought of change and transformation, appropriate for the new year. But it still wasn't a theme, because on the other side of the piece I simply put together embellishment beads in groups that I liked! I will say I had no clue the mandala would be so intensive to work on, but as always, it had a mind of its own! For December, I wanted something less intense than my depression mandala, so I beaded on some beautiful fabric by Laurel Burch. I kept the beading simple and let the design speak for itself.

Monday, January 7, 2008

update on journaling

I just wanted to update my blog. I am diligently working away on my mandalas. I decided to show the first half year together. Besides the fact that they are round, I don't really see any theme. However, the one I made for December has water in it, and the current one I'm working on is another yin-yang design. When I decided to do the bead journal project I made a pledge to myself to finish a lot of incomplete projects. I have been doing just that! An interesting thing I learned about myself - I don't like to make clasps! I have 5 projects that are completely done except for the clasp. So I guess they're not really complete.

One of my goals for this year is to work on projects of my own design. I live in a place that has great bead stores, lots of classes, and a great bead guild that brings in lots of national teachers. Hence, I have many beautiful pieces, but they're all designed by others. I would like to explore my own design abilities. I also want to make more non-jewelry pieces. I recently started beading prayer bags for people I know who are ill. I like this idea and want to explore it more.