Monday, May 28, 2007

New England

I grew up in Massachusetts. Recently my husband and I took a trip back east. First, I visited my hometown, Lexington. I was fortunate to catch the end of a Fife and Drum parade with corps from all over New England. It immediately brought back memories from when I was growing up and marched in the Patriot's Day Parade as a Blue Bird. Next we went to Ogunquit, Maine, and spent a few beautiful days walking on the beach, listening to the water, and just relaxing.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Treasure Chest

Treasure chest is a quilt square I made for a larger quilt called Under the Sea. A group of beaders made it for a friend who was doing a walk for Leukemia and needed to raise funds. We raffled off tickets and she raised over $2,000. I made 3 squares altogether. I will post more photos later.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Long-Term Committment

I've just committed to a year-long bead journal project, which will be embroidered, with Robin Atkins and 240 other people. Usually when I commit to a bead project, it's a one time effort, like making a bead square for a quilt, or making an item for a charity auction. This project, though, feels like it will be more personal and probably focus on issues in my life, although I can also see using it as an outlet for things going on in the world. So we'll see. For now, I'm thinking what kind of fabric I'm going to use, gathering beads, and how quickly June will be here. Please join me in my exploration of a beaded journal.