Saturday, August 28, 2010

More Gallery Pieces Sold

I originally sent 9 pieces of jewelry to the gallery, then sent 3 more, now the owner has asked for more because there are only 3 pieces left! There's only a month left to her season, so I'm going to get some more out on Monday.

I was doing this as a one time thing. I was curious if I could rise to the occasion, meet the goal of making many pieces. I am pleasantly surprised that they have sold, amazed actually. Now I feel motivated to work during the winter on new pieces, and I think I can stop questioning whether I am a bead artist or not. Always that little censor sitting on my shoulder saying my work isn't good enough, it's not as creative, or intricate, or original as other beaders work. I think I can quell that voice now.

Monday, August 23, 2010


Sam and Jason hiking at Glacier National Park. They had a great vacation, look at that beautiful land.

Friday, August 20, 2010

It's been busy

Sam, above, in his big U-Haul, going to college 1 hour away.

Jason, ready for his long drive to Penn State in his small car.

What a busy week we've had here. Last week Dennis and the boys were on their annual father/son vacation and during that time Jason found out that the apt. he leased last May had bed bugs, very persistent ones, because they were still there after 3 exterminations. So with Jason in Montana, and his new roommate from Massachusetts, we worked to find a new apt. His roommate and parents drove to State College and I provided telephone support. Not much to choose from at this time of summer, but we managed to find a place. The only problem, it wasn't going to be ready until today, and Jason started orientation this past Monday. He still went, slept on a friends couch, and hopefully has moved in today.

Sam packed up a U-Haul yesterday and we moved him into an apt. at Michigan State. When we arrived we found out that the apt. wasn't ready. So we bought his books (don't even ask how much law textbooks cost), we went to Comcast so he could have internet connection, and the apt. still wasn't ready. The landlord let him move his stuff into a different apt. temporarily and he slept on a couch at a friend's.

Two boys gone off to college in one week, the house is quiet, feels empty, a little lonely. But there is so much more space, too!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Nothing like a good book

My husband is gone for the week at a conference in Toronto. Then the next week he and the boys are going to Glacier National Park. I am used to being alone, but not without a good book! I've been to the library, the bookstores, and everything I pick up I put back down. So this morning I was heartened to see that the new Tana French book is in transit to my local library branch. I will not be so alone after all. And if you haven't read Tana French, she has 2 previous novels out, they are fantastic, and you will be happy to be curled up with a good companion.